News / IQSchool Solution Shows on Fujian Basic Education Information Promotion Conference
IQSchool Solution Shows on Fujian Basic Education Information Promotion Conference

This week, Fujian Basic Education Information Promotion Conference has been held at Fuzhou No.8 High School, a local school famous for its high quality teaching. And IQ has the hornor to introduce IQSchool Solution for teachers and leaders present. During the introduction, we have equipped two classrooms with IQSchool Solution, which could realize video transfer and wireless central control for classroom devices. Moreover, the signages outside the classroom could show the timetable and students’ learning status.


Due to its handy installation, IQSchool Solution could easily fit into traditional classrooms, and it’s a relief for school administrators as the old classroom cable layout won’t be changed and daily teaching won’t be affected during the installation, which also guarantees lower cost for maintenance. Therefore, with powerful features and lower cost, IQSchool Solution has won high praises from participants, including the director of Fuzhou Education Bureau.


Welcome to contact us if you want more details about the features and application of the IQSchool Solution.

document camera.png

At the desktop lies IQView Interactive Document Camera, panoramic camera for students and the control panel.

control terminal.png

Power & A/C Control Terminal is installed beside the air conditioning to make wireless control on the device. 

audio station.png

Here shows the IQSchool Converged Station and Audio Station under the platform.

digital singage.png

The digital singage in the corridor.

auto tracking camera.png

Auto-tracking camera for teacher

Interaction between different classroom.png

Interaction between different classrooms


So how many devices of IQSchool solution can you identify in this classroom?

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