News / IQProjector with IQBoard costs only 1XXX dollars!
IQProjector with IQBoard costs only 1XXX dollars!


IQ has been always dedicated to the high-quality and cost-effective interactive teaching solutions. 

And now you have a perfect choice to upgrade the classroom devices with every reason, because the combination of IQProjector and 92" IQBoard DVT will only cost you much less, which is less than 2,000 dollars.


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Please kindly note:

1. The deadline for the event will be 30, July 2017.

2. The accessories and transportation cost shall be not included

3. The MOQ is 20 sets. The unit price will be different if the quantity is less than 20.

4. Please refer to the event for consideration and contact us for details by E-mail

5. Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co.,Ltd(IQBoard) reserves the right of final explanation on the event.