News / Find the beauty of audiovisual effects in Infocomm 2017
Find the beauty of audiovisual effects in Infocomm 2017

Infocomm 2017, the largest professional AV trade show in North America, has been held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL, featuring various products and the latest technologies for audio, video and solution in the areas of education, training, transport, security, medical, entertainment, architecture, business and government. This time, the exhibition has highlighted the importance of better solutions for modern society based on the current technologies.

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Located at the booth of NO. 1889, IQ has shown with new appearance and ideas. One of them is the IQProjector, the eye-catching laser ultra-short focus projector, featuring long service life, high brightness, instant power on/off and less energy consumption. Moreover, even with one wall, IQProjector will turn it into interactive touch screen easily and make collaboration more freely, without any restriction on the location and devices.

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Then take a closer look at the drawing on the wall, you’ll find out it’s the IQSchool solution connection sketch map. Connected to the IQSchool Converged Server, IQSchool Converged Station serves as a central hub and links IQProjector, IQTouch and IQView Interactive Document Camera. Then through 2.4G wireless technology, IQSchool Converged Station could connect with Power & A/C Control Terminal to control instant power on/off of the lighting devices and air conditioning. Moreover, with the camera and sound pick-up, IQSchool solution is constructed completely. Users just need to operate the control panel(button control or touch control)to manage all device connection and make audiovisual broadcasting.

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And of course, you surely won’t miss the IQTouch, a perfect partner for the Chromebook. With high quality performance and fast response, IQTouch deserves every reason to try it, especially its powerful extension application with the IQ Interactive Education Platform software. 

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To making technology more available for people, IQ has always aimed to create collaborative leraning that could inspire our students and tap their potentials. IQ hopes that through our efforts, we could provide better and happier working or learning environment for our customers.

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If you look forward to further cooperation with us, it’s deeply welcomed to send E-mail to or visit the company website at for more details.

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