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Transforming Education through Technology – IQ is in Action

As the 72nd China Education Equipment Exhibition(CEEE) is now held in Fuzhou, where IQ headquarter locates, we’ll surely greet it with utmost sincerity and openness. So during the exhibition, there are software-based IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution, IQ Intelligent Campus Management Solution and IQ Education Evaluation Solution putting on display in the booth, offering one-stop service and experience. 


To expound on the three powerful solutions, let’s get started with IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution. IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution includes interactive classroom system, IQ education platform software, school resource management system and micro-lecture making system. With four parts integrated, IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution covers all area expanding from specific classroom to the whole school. In terms of classroom,teachers have access to the rich teaching resources and tools, prepare for the class in advance, conduct mobile teaching with mobile devices during -class and record the teaching video for students to review after class.While in terms of the whole school, IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution helps manage the resources for sharing between different schools.

Then turning to IQ Intelligent Campus Management Solution, it serves differently compared to IQ Intelligent Education Management Solution. it arranges class schedule intelligently and helps users make decisions. The class timetable will be automatically created and posted in real time on the system as well.  

Last but not the least, IQ Education Evaluation Solution finally is introduced. To improve the student’s overall performance and teaching quality, the system could build the student evaluation model intelligently with  multiple data and create the multi-dimensional report, which will be valuable resource for teachers and administrators to make judgments and improvement on current teaching mode. 



Except the software-based solutions mentioned above, the newly-released IQTouch flat panel with front disassemble design, upgraded AiO(all-in-one) with built-in whiteboard, visualizer and PC, and last of all, the first debut of dust-free IQ intelligent blackboard, a combination of touch flat panel and blackboard, which offers smooth writing and presentation experience. 


But that’s not the whole picture to depict  IQ, as she is still forging ahead. If you missed any solutions or products, you are sincerely welcomed to visit the newly-built exhibition hall in the IQ head office. IQ wishes to engage in the revolution process together with you, let’s join hands to transform education through technology. Any questions, please contact us freely.