News / Lower Cost to Create An Interactive Teaching Environment
Lower Cost to Create An Interactive Teaching Environment

Interactive whiteboard, as an important component of modern classroom solution, is beginning to replace all traditional types of writing boards .

To create a simple smart classroom with less devices, IQ has launched a new kind of interactive whiteboard, combining digital whiteboard, central control system, PC, document camera, speakers and wireless MIC together.

It's named as IQ All in One Interactive Whiteboard, with IQAiO as its short.


1. Compared with normal smart classroom composition, IQAiO, a cost-effective device, helps to solve the problems of disperse devices around classroom, complex cable connection, inconvenient operation, low equipment compatibility.


2. IQAiO is integrated with interactive whiteboard,document camera and PC. Teachers could easily switch between different signal sources even not learning how to operate in advance.


3.Control panel enables handy operation 

Boot up the device by RFID card or password and lock it during break time.

One-key operation to power on/off the projector by coding.

IQ-USB to switch signals from IWB and visualizer to external devices.

4.Document camera with built-in software: Apart from the basic function to present crystal clear image with the document camera, the software achieves more features including picture editing, annotating and contrast teaching.


5. Anti-shedding design makes it safe and easy for installation under different circumstances: classroom, training organization, children care center ,office and so on.


In conclusion, teacher's acceptance to the teaching tool of modern technology plays a key role in the efficient and successful teaching. With AiO, the easy-to-operate and interactive boards for classroom, the productivity and the students' learning effects will get improvement in a long run.