News / Working Log of Mr.IT Admin(PART 1)
Working Log of Mr.IT Admin(PART 1)

April 10, 2017


Last weekend the school brought in a new system, so it took my weekend away as well. What system? I don’t really remember the name, it is a web-based management system anyway, for easing my daily work in the regulation of multimedia equipments of the school. So, I hope it would really be helpful.


April 19, 2017


It is bloody hot today, I could feel the global warming was hitting the city also now, even though it is in the mid April, of course, it doesn’t matter where we are located… near or close to the tropical area.

Mr.Principal called me and said that students were complaining the heat in the classrooms, so we determined to get the air-conditioners run.


Have to say that those old pals have served in the classrooms for years, and groaned time from time when waking them up to work. If we got budget, I definitely would suggest Mr.Principal have them all retired, cos they are really far beyond “INTELLIGENT”, when they are so independent facilities in each classroom, there is no way to monitor their working, and I have to patrol twice per day at least for power on and off. Sometimes the trick of kids would be a matter, they would sneakily turn on the AC after my leave.


This time things are a little bit changed, the system we brought in last week would do something different. A gadget with IP address was attached to the old AC, and now they are all connected to the management system through internet. What I need to do is to sit back in the office, and click on the mouse to turn all the ACs on or off, what’s more, a scheduled time table in a week would release me from the monitor, the system would gear up all/selected ACs automatically when the clock strikes.


Tony, the naughty boy in Mrs.White’s class, fooled with the AC remote again. I caught him on the spot, but I didn’t bother to lecture him this time, he wouldn’t listen anyway. I took out my smart phone, and banned the selected AC facility in the classroom on that system app. The little boy should be punished for his misbehavior, and had to face the heat until he realized his fault. And it worked 2 hours later when he came up to confess. I was more than happy to see this happen: Kids, behave!