News / Document camera, an important visual aid to change the traditional classroom
Document camera, an important visual aid to change the traditional classroom

Educational institutions often use document cameras as a visual aid in order to improve the teaching quality, and create a more engaged and interesting class to help students to learn more. Saving the time to paste material to the whiteboard is also an important reason.

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IQView is currently the most functional document camera in the market. IQView has some innovative features, such as wireless interaction, remote control, split screen display, easy operation, larger capture area, and video capture, an extremely flexible rotating arm can pivot of virtually any position and so on.

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Document projector is established under the conditions of teachers needing more flexible and creative presentation while in the classroom. IQ document camera allows teachers display any kind of content through its optical lens, which is available to zoom in to the maximum of 10 times its normal magnification. Using this feature, the teacher can give a greater angle display for small objects. The another important feature is that it has a wide display area, allowing you to capture and display a wide range so that teachers can present a large or wide files and objects, such as maps .

Meanwhile, IQ document camera can connect to the microscope, which allows to show the experimental results on the big screen in real time. Teachers can also use software characteristics “video capture” to save the experiment procedure as a JPEG and AVI files.

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Last but not the least, IQ document camera has built-in interactive software. You can draw lines, shapes, even write on the image and save the changes in SD card without connect to the computer.

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