News / Would the maintenance of an interactive flat panel be a headache to you sometimes?
Would the maintenance of an interactive flat panel be a headache to you sometimes?

In any cases, it is believed that the after-sales service and maintenance of an interactive flat panel are the top concern to all clients. It would be annoying to see a mounted product in defects, cos the process of the maintenance would be killing to anyone: dismount the panel from the wall, disassemble the circuit boards in the panel to locate the faults, fix the problem, and then put the panel back to the wall...let alone that most of the time the panel is weighed as a hefty man, and also you need quite a room to land the dismounted panel for troubleshooting.


But what if the maintenance could be reduced into 3 steps?


Yes, 3 steps! Cos the thing you have to look through an interactive flat panel (IQTouch J) is only 3 parts: the LED panel, infrared frame and the integrated modular box.


1) LED Panel. Panel is the most important component in a touch screen. If a panel is in defect, it would be devastating to all manufacturers, there is no way for clients to repair or replace it by themselves, except for returning the whole screen to the manufacturer. So, a reliable supply of the panel is the vital. (To make it more creditable, IQTouch J’s panel suppliers are mainly LG, Samsung or Sharp, and it is true anyway.)

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2) Infrared frame is the part to realize the "touch" feature in an IFP. IQTouch J adopts a design of front-disassembling of the infrared beamers. If there is any fault found in the infrared beamers, you could disassemble the whole frame directly by screwing out 4 bolts and replace, and there is even no need to dismount the screen from the wall. It is very simple. One person could make it work!

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3) Integrated modular box. There are 4 main circuit boards included in one touch screen, they are: TV board, power board, Android board and OPS PC module. In general, if there is any defect found in the circuit boards, there is no exception but disassembling the panel. However, in our new design of the circuit boards, we integrate all of them in one modular box, and you could easily take out the box at the rear of the panel by removing 2 bolts, and what you need to do is just to inspect the circuit boards in the box, and there is no need even to dismount the screen from the wall, all could be done in a snap and by one technical person!

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