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6 reasons to choose Interactive Whiteboard in studying and working

As a part of interactive teaching mode, interactive whiteboards are becoming more and more popular in education and business field. With the constant expansion of multiple functions and applications, the benefits of using this kind of educational equipment are increasing all the time.


The first reason is they are excellent for all kinds presenting. Interactive whiteboard is able to highlight items and modify directly on the screen in different colors, font and zoom in and out as required. Users can also switch quickly between images and texts on the screen, rather than leaning back through each paper to find the right page on the conventional flip chart.


This flexibility to display and modify information in real time, makes it possible to create the most compelling and effective presentation, supporting various institutions of learning, from university seminar to important business meetings.


In addition to its excellent presentation capabilities, the interactive whiteboard is ideal for solving the needs of different types of learners, especially for tactile learners, visual learners and audio learners to learn according to their preferences.

Teachers and trainers can use the touchscreen feature, text and image display, students’ interaction, video and audio to meet their varying needs.

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Particularly beneficial to the classroom, Interactive whiteboard is also bring many benefits to the workplace.


In the workplace, this versatility can encourage more employees to participate at meetings. It is even more active because the business team members can make their own annotations on the whiteboard, leading to greater interaction and productivity.


Employees can use interactive whiteboards to display a variety of mediums including text, video and audio in order to share the research results or convey thoroughly and fascinating materials to participants.


Another obvious advantage of the interactive whiteboard in educational environments and workplaces is that these projects are effectively associated with other peripherals, including cameras, videotapes and other devices. This makes it easier than ever to share information.

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In the classroom, the teacher can encourage children to share their holiday photos with their classmates. In the workplace, employees can connect devices to a whiteboard in a set of sessions in order to share their findings or progress with their team members, who can display their own files or images in a similar way.


In addition, the interactive whiteboard is an ideal for remote learning or conferencing, by using some devices to connect to remote communications. This means that the user can be on every site to check the file which is being presented or shared concurrently, both at the classroom or place of business.


Finally, one of the main reasons may be worthwhile to invest in an interactive whiteboard, is that after the presentation or classroom ends, the files or modification that have been made on the screen can be printed out to all participants.