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Interactive Tools- Making Teacher Teaching Easier

Nowadays more and more teachers are making use of variety interactive tools, in order to improve student’s interest and interaction during study.


Interactive whiteboard as one of those education tools has been adopted by many schools. While governments attached great importance to the new generation of students learning environments, lots of teachers and tutors have use those interactive whiteboard as a great tool for distance education courses.

The interactive whiteboard is an electronic whiteboard with interactive functions. A finger touch is enough to control the functionality of this interactive whiteboard and the keyboard or mouse will not be needed. Human fingers can be used to control the movement of the cursor.  A personal computer or portable computer and projector can also be connected to these interactive whiteboards. 

It is possible to create new drawings and graphs on the whiteboard surface by the fingertips. All new drawings and created images can be saved to the computer. Some specific types software can be provided with these interactive whiteboards with built-in optical character recognition. This feature will recognize handwriting, create the contents of the whiteboard on the surface, automatically being converted to text on the computer. 

For educational purposes, also for company training and corporate presentations, these whiteboards are very useful. Low reflection screens have also been provided which will be useful for people who have very sensitive eyes. Also the surface of this whiteboard is hard, so it is very hard to break. The interactive whiteboard is making teaching and the learning process much more interesting. Students will expect the classroom session to use these whiteboards.