News / IQBoard Driver Release for Windows 10 (1607) Update
IQBoard Driver Release for Windows 10 (1607) Update

Dear all


The new driver for windows 10(1607) anniversary update has already been released. Please download from IQ official website click Service -> Download Center -> Driver or News-> IQBoard Driver Release for Windows 10 (1607) Update,or download from Mega website as below.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the driver incompatible with updated windows 10.



Optical whiteboard (dual touch)

Driver: IQBoard DVT Drivers V7.0

Mega Download:!0cJzUSDK!EO6L8ooQX_qCPc1l4wDXCocvKSjvRgSd3s1Lb8E8u8g


Optical whiteboard (Multi touch: 4/10 points)

Driver: IQBoard DVTQ Drivers V1.0

Mega Download:!MIxTlCBZ!9P3PfBf8IwVxEl0TTNwzp1Ww83sJ16PdiIauopr2S_I


IR whiteboard (dual touch)

Driver:  IQBoard IRx Drivers V8.0

Mega Download:!ERpSBRYS!GsWfCldosDXLaoV9EnZeJyOpKSO6N-exrvRRIHgr8ts


IR whiteboard (multi touch: 4/6/10 points)

Driver:  IQBoard IRQ Drivers V2.2

Mega Download:!xRBUhYCT!gUMEg3xkEmodoo8zeIn9s84veeA7hcWix_3nmais6k0

Update manual

How to install the updated driver on windows 10 (1607).pdf