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IQSchool Audio and Video (AV) Broadcast Solution

Based on IoT solution, IQ leads you now to explore latest IQSchool Audio and Video (AV) Broadcast, an extended solution to meet various multimedia control & management demands of schools.


 IQSchool IoT


Through a LAN network, IQSchool IoT connects all digital terminals in a classroom by a control platform at the administrative site, such as IQ Converged System and Power& A/C Control. IQ Converged system helps centralized management of various audio&video devices, while Power & A/C Control would effecitvely reduce energy consumption on campus.


 IQSchool Audio and Video (AV) Broadcast


With TCP/IP protocal, IQSchool AV Broadcast system controls and connects school video devices and radio network as one, delivering AV information fast and intelligently. In particular, real-time audio and video broadcasting brings more interaction among classrooms and help reduce workloads of administrative staffs .




img2-1.png   IQSchool Converged System

img2-2.png     IQ 2.4G Wireless Mic

img2-3.png      IQSound+

IQSchool Manager

img2-4.png IQSchool Converged Server

img2-5.png       AdvSoftware


icon3-1.png   Set up timetable of broadcasting, easily and efficiently for control and management

icon3-2.png   Set up time and location to play audo and video in school

icon3-3.png   Play audio and video by priority

icon3-4.png  Select the desired device to play audio and video






Timed Play

Broadcast by time and place. Support HD (1920*1080p)


Real-time live and transfer broadcast

Group the cable TV signal in campus by time.Live broadcast to each classroom and auto activate the projector and TV.


Broadcast on Demand

Select the video resources on local network or internet and transfer to each classroom. (support http select play protocol)


Video upload and storage

Quick uploading and support AVI/MOV/MP4/TS formats



Timed alarming

According to school timetable, system will ring school bell automatically in 24 hours.


Daily radio

Through radio network control, system will play background music, broadcast notice in time and relay news of radio station, building finer campus culture.


Play music by classes and subjects

Set broadcast plan and play selected audio to meet specific demands of teachers, making teaching efficient and smart.


Play listening exam in group

Play listening materials in single or multiple classes at the same time.