News / Shorten the education distance- IQ in EDUWEEK 2016
Shorten the education distance- IQ in EDUWEEK 2016

The vast land of Africa has always been the symbol of wildness and energy, but accompanied by poverty and backwardness. China has maintained friendly relations with African countries and supported them with plenty of projects since long time. Education is an important way to change Africa future. And how to improve the educational environment is the direction that China and Africa have been striving


EDUWEEK, the free and open educational event, is held in South Africa Siegel Convention Center from 29 to 30 June every year. As South Africa's most influential educational activity, visitors from worldwide gather here, looking forward to the latest technology and ideas to help educators in South Africa as well as other African countries to achieve better teaching results. IQ will certainly be the participant in such an important event.


Considering the educations status of Africa, IQ sincerely introduces our most classic offerings as well as latest release - IQVideo Broadcasting System at EDUWEEK.


IQBoard DVT, working with IQOne+, IQPad, and IQSound+ to form an intelligent IQClass. The fast interactivity and brilliant demo captured most viewers’ eyeball. This is impressive but not the whole part of the solution. Equipped camera, microphone and IQSchool converged system, this solution turns into IQVideo Broadcasting system, realizing the synchronous broadcasting for teaching in multi- classrooms. This show really makes us stunning.


IQTouchScreen with built-in OPS and integrated software is greatly compatible with other multi-media devices and fulfill powerful functions. Together with IQView E351, IQTouchScreen will work more than you’ve expected.

IQ is always working for education development and improvement.