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IQKid EduPack


Interactive software for kids and teachers ; Lovely user interface for happy learning &teaching ; Vivid education resource presents a lively class for children.


Multiple colors for pencil, highlighter and other drawing tools.

Quickly get access to frequently used edit tools.

Compatible with various file formats like CDF, DOC, and etc.

Abundant background pictures for free choice.

21 kinds of special effects for images, flash and handwriting on the board page.

5 types of preschool resources including text, media, material, graphics and puzzles.


Dual Mode Operation

Windows Mode allows teacher to conduct operation on the desktop or any other pages.

Basic functions

A variety of tools, such as writing, removing and recording.

Import Resource

IQKid Edupack software are highly open to resources, such as pictures and documents ; These resources can be shared inside a school, between schools and over network.


IQKid EduPack support customization ; User can define and rearrange toolbar function buttons according to your own custom, and add common used applications and tool shortcuts by yourself.

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User Manual

    IQ KID EduPack User ManualV3.0