IQ Interactive Whiteboard DVTQK

IQBoard DVT is an interactive whiteboard that engages students and enables collaborative learning. Multi-student and team learning available.

IQBoard Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Infrared smart board ; Small & durable infrared senders and receivers; No special pen required; Multi-point touch.


Two professional bass sound system and tweeter; Creating clear and perfect sound effect with low distortion.

IQTouch (K Series)

High definition screen, sharpest images display and brilliant colors. Matching perfectly to Google Chromebook, rocking all over the Google world.

IQBoard MRQ Plus

Twice size as wide as the traditional IWB; Creating wider interaction for your class; Resources show, annotation and explanation can be grasped by all listeners at their first sights.


The Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology same as iPhone and iPad makes the PCT quickly respond without delay, operate directly and available for multi touch (30 points). The plug-n-play function provides the best experience, greatly enhancing the effect of cooperation and brainstorm.