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IQBoard MRQ Plus

Twice size as wide as the traditional IWB; Creating wider interaction for your class; Resources show, annotation and explanation can be grasped by all listeners at their first sights.

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Single Board (A/B): Only need one projector and all functions of traditional IWB can be achieved.

Dual Board Interaction (A&B): With two projectors, different files can be displayed and operated simultaneously on each board without any interference. Two users can also operate on the same board at the same time.

Dual Board Sync (A=B): Operations on one board can be also displayed on the other in real time, which brings users a step further in the interaction with each other.

Dual Board Extension (A+B): Joint two projecting areas into a full screen. Users can write together simultaneously and save their writings into a same file.

Technical Specifications

Size: 150"

Touch Points: 16

Aspect Ratio: 8:3 by two projectors; more aspect rations are available

Technology: Infrared Technology

Signal Tracking Rate: 10m/s

Resolution: ≥32768*32768

Warranty: 3-year warranty

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